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I was put in touch with Lee on 22nd November 2021 when a friend of mine seen a woman who had lost a lot of weight and  looked amazing I weighed in at 77.3 and the adventure began I had to change all my ideas about food.

I’ve been bulumic from 9 years old 61 years ago and since I’ve been with Lee I’m now free from bingeing and now weigh 59 kilos and maintained that weight and here I am at 70 and looking amazing Lee has gone from dietician to my life coach exploring and discovering all different aspects of my life colour therapy helped a lot my favourites being blue which enhances my communication skills and green which heals the hurts from the past

I now eat only organic food keeping chemicals out of my body my eyes are shining and everything about me screams vibrancy and and deserving all the gifts I’ve been blessed with.

I’m also type 1 diabetic and my insulin had been reduced from 28u to 15u and hardly any hypos my 3 monthly being 6.5 

Every month I check in with Lee  and have a catch up I still have my super patch 

My self esteem and how I value myself have changed so much I hardly recognise the person I have become thank you Lee





I first had a consultation with Lee 68 days ago. I am amazed how much i have achieved and how awesome I feel since being on Lees Protocol. I remember thinking to myself in my first appointment with Lee. that this is just a diet and I just need to get through the first 30 days and I will be fine. But how wrong I was. I cooked amazing food with the support and help from Lee every step of the way. The text and consultation support I have received from Lee every step of the way has been truly amazing. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change and I will be on this lifestyle forever. I love what I eat and I love how I feel. I have finally given up the dreaded SUGAR in my life. I was previously addicted to it. Lee has supported me in so many ways. I also look forward to my appointments with Lee as she chats with me about any emotional issues I may going on in my life. I leave feeling refreshed and proud of my achievements. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 but its not about weight now, its about how healthy I feel. Lee has also shown me healthy options to purchase and also sources the best place to get them from. 

Thank you so much Lee for changing my life in just 68 days. 

Angela Grabish 

I had never ever had a weight issue. I was highly active and running 20km's was child's play to me, When I started to put on weight i was completely astonished as I had a perfect diet and always exercised.  I consulted 5 doctors, a naturopath , dietitician, 2 personal trainers and tried 'foolproof' programs and NOTHING worked.  I was completely dispondant.

I contacted Lee and explained this and my underlying hormonal issues and she guaranteed it would work for me.  I lost 9kg over the christmas/new year period with relative ease. After phase 2 my blood tests confirmed significant the improvements in my hormones. And I can SLEEP!!!!

I cannot speak highly enough of Lee, the protocol is just about weightloss, its a holistic approach to your INDIVIDUAL health. And Lee's genuine concern and knowledge ensure that you meet your goals.


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