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Lee has studied nutrition and weight loss for over 25 years and have always held the belief that “one mans meat is another mans poison”
Why is it that the same meal could make someone feel good with heaps of energy could also make somebody else feel tired and lethargic? Why is it that that 2 people can eat exactly the same food and quantity, one can loose weight while the other puts on weight?
It has always been my passion to help people find their very own unique individual recipe for success.  
In 2012  she started looking deeper into Dr Simeons findings.  She realized that not only is it a fantastic way to loose unwanted fat it had the potential to help you find your own perfect combination of foods that suit you as an individual….
Lee wanted to know though, whilst the HCG Protocol is fantastic for losing weight, is it sustainable?  
Then the biggest question - “How could I work this program and bring it into our modern day life”
The HCG protocol worked, however, our way of life and the toxic food we pump into us on a daily basis has increased dramatically.  For example, wheat has been hybridized, they started cross breeding it to become shorter , hardier and better growing.  Now it contains hard to digest proteins that are not in the parent plant.  It seems like everyone is or knows someone that is gluten intolerant today.
Lee I gained her qualifications in nutrition and then began to study the mind, because she could see that while nutrition is very important, it is essential to have the mind (both conscious and unconscious) supporting the same goal.  
In order for the reset  to be successful, and long lasting, the best approach is to ensure you are covering all aspects of physical and mental influences.

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